Managed Voiceover Services

Squawk employs a managed approach to matching voiceover services to project. This involves a combination of business, artistic and technology resources to ensure that customer requirements are clearly understood, that work product meets or exceeds expectations, and that project turnaround is the best in the business.

Customer Requirements

The first step in the process is to fully understand the customer's requirements. This includes the scope, timeframe and cost constraints for the project as well as any customer preference for talent. This ensures that we can match customer needs for quality within budget.

Submit Requirements

Matching Project with Talent - Squawk has a proven track record of developing voiceover talent. Based on requirements, we will assist the customer in selecting talent from our stable of both established and emerging voiceover artists. The process is simple:

You send us the script and we'll have auditions for you in Mp 3 format within 24 hrs. We are a Boutique VO Company and won't bother you with hundreds of auditions to listen to! We narrow it down to the Voice over talents that actually meet your requirements and save you time! All of our talents have high quality studio equipment, no need to worry.

How do you know we actually mean what we promise? 

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Production Assistance

If desired, Squawk can take an active role in the production process. Depending on project scope, we can either produce in our own studios or contract with an outside facility of your choosing. Just tell us your wishes and we'll be happy to help you get your project DONE.

Total Voiceover Solutions

Squawk can assume full responsibility for sourcing, selecting and producing your entire voiceover project. We work closely with a handful of selective producers to help make your project come to life!

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